What Mobile App Development is all about?


Mobile Applications are need of the hour and most of the businesses today have embraced mobile apps with open arms.  Mobile applications are softwares that either come pre-installed on mobile phones, smart phones or tablets. Most iconic examples of successful applications are Uber, Ola, Foodpanda, Instagram, Snapchat etc.

These days mobile application development  has gained a lot of traction among IT experts and has emerged as the most lucrative business due to a sudden spike in the demand of mobile apps. In current scenario, two platforms rule the mobile space i.e., Android and iOS. While iOS is more popular in the western countries, Android has a wide user base throughout the world. Let’s see briefly what does it needs for mobile application development.  

Android App Development

Android is the most used OS and has the largest range of mobile devices right from Samsung, HTC to small players. Hence, it is a challenge to develop a mobile app  that runs smoothly on all devices irrespective of the screen size. Android apps are built using the Java language. There are a number of freelance of Android developers and there are mobile app development companies that have team of developers. While freelance developers are cost-effective, but, its always better to hire mobile app development company as firms are trustworthy and take the complete responsibility of delivering the project successfully.     

iPhone App Development

Mobile applications built for Apple products such as iPhone and iPad are built on iOS platform and is done using Objective C as the base. Developing an app for iOS platform has its own set of challenges one of which is guidelines of Apple for publishing an app. Apple has a lengthy list of guidelines that the developers need to follow in order to get their app published on App Store. Good mobile app developers always stay updated with the latest guidelines and adhere to them while developing apps for iPhone or iPad.

Mobile app developers/development companies

Mobile industry is booming worldwide rapidly and thus the Mobile App Developers/development companies are very much in demand. I would like you people to introduce to one of such companies which is the market leader in iOS and Android app development. Well, the name of company is AppInventiv Technologies and it is based in Delhi/ NCR with branches in all the leading countries. The company has been featured on many reputed portals like Clutch and has won many accolades for its world class app developed services.

The company has an energetic and dedicated team of over 150 designers, developers, QA analysts and business analysts who are well versed with the latest technical advancements. The firm has a strong and proven track record of delivering out of the box mobile applications that have raised the standards of mobile applications. The best thing about this firm is, it has expertise in all the domains and whether it is, transportation, education, Foodtech or on-demand services, AppInventiv masters all of them.


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